Flight Log G-DRAGON: ACT III MOTTE in Toronto

I was lucky enough to visit Toronto for a third time in less than a year. My first trip was in November 2016 to see GOT7. In March, it was SHINee. And now, I was back to see the guy who started it all for me in 2009: G-Dragon!

Travel dates: July 29-31, 2017
Show date: July 30
Venue: Air Canada Centre


The Venue

Location: 0 Bay St, Toronto, ON
Capacity: 19,800
Seating: GA and reserved

I love the location! Air Canada Centre is connected PATH, so in bad weather there is no need to go outside if you’re attending a concert, hockey game, or other event. It’s right next to Union Station, which makes transportation easy and convenient for anyone going to and from the venue, and there’s no shortage of bars and restaurants in the area so you can grab a drink or bite to eat before or after an event.


The View

With a row 1 reserved seat, I couldn’t really ask for better unless I was one of those super dedicated and lucky fans on the rail.


I had an unobstructed view the entire time, and managed to get some decent photos and videos.

Looking around the arena, it didn’t look like there was a bad seat at all.

The Staff

Air Canada staff were great. They were easy to talk to, friendly, and organized. I cannot emphasize enough how much better your experience is when the staff and security is good.


The City

This trip was all about walking around and experiencing Toronto in the warm weather – finding street art, indulging in charcoal ice cream, having dinner in Koreatown, geeking out at a Harry Potter cocktail bar, and finally visiting Monkey’s Paw!


Street Art

On my way to iHalo Krunch for some charcoal ice cream, I walked down Niagara street and ended up wandering around an alley full of street art!



One of my favorite things about Toronto is finding street art everywhere – alleys, main roads, houses, street lights…


iHalo Krunch

While the ice cream flavor itself wasn’t terribly special, it does make for excellent Instagram photos!

I ordered ube (purple) and vanilla and couldn’t really taste the difference. The cone was like a less sweet waffle cone, but I would totally order a black cone again if it was available in more standard ice cream shops.


The only real problem was how quickly the ice cream melts. Even though they’ve remedied the problem as best they can with putting fluff on the bottom, I’m a terribly slow eater, so by the time I got to the fluff, I ended up just getting it, and the ice cream, all over me and my bag.

The shop opens at 1:30pm on Saturdays, and when I got there at 1:10 there was already small line of about 7 people…by the time 1:30 came around, there had to be at least 20 or 30 people behind me!



I love Korean BBQ! And because I don’t live anywhere near any BBQ places, it’s even more of a treat when I get to go!


And for dessert we couldn’t help but go to the Poop Cafe!


The Lockhart

When I found out about a Harry Potter themed cocktail bar, there was just no skipping out.


It’s small, was very crowded when I went, and they don’t sell butterbeer or firewhiskey, but it’s still nice soaking up the atmosphere and taking a trip to the bathroom (no…really).

If you are a Harry Potter nerd like me, I definitely recommend going!


Monkey’s Paw

Books. Old books.

Like nothing more recently published than 1980 old.

And not even normal books.

They’re random. Weird. Some you wonder who would even read them.

That is Monkey’s Paw – a second hand book shop full of old, random, quirky books.


And a book vending machine that will spit out more old, random books for $2 CAD.

Like the history of an old Hardware store.

If you love books – especially old, slightly odd ones – take a trip to Monkey’s Paw! See what the Bibliomat gives you! You’ll probably never read it, but it makes a great souvenir!

What are your favorite unique shops in Toronto?



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