Exploring Gamcheon Culture Village

Gamcheon culture village is kind of touristy, but a very picturesque area in Busan that is still a residential neighborhood – people live and go about their daily lives here, and there’s even an elementary school across from the main entrance of the village.



The visit was made even more enjoyable because I met a fellow solo traveler!

Because I’m a pretty shy person, I never expected to meet anyone new, let alone spend the evening traveling around together. But I guess it’s true – when traveling solo, you do meet new people, and can very well end up with a travel buddy for the day!



The village is like a free open-air art exhibit with sculptures and murals created by the residents. The area isn’t very big, but if you enjoy taking photos or stop in one of the many cafes, you can easily spend a few hours here. Generally, people seem to spend about 2 hours here.


There are a lot of popular photo spots, especially for couples.

One of the most popular spots is a rooftop near the entrance of the village, with good views of the village below as well as the water in the distance. And there’s plenty of people who are happy to take your picture for you, so long as you take one in return for them!


My favorite photos came from an area further down, where there are less people, and a great, unobstructed view of the village.


How to get there

Take the subway to Toseong Station. Come out Exit 6, turn right, and you should see a bus stop. You can takes buses Sakha 1, Sakha 1-1, Seogu 2, or Seogu 2-2, and get off at the Gamcheon Elementary School stop (a lot of people get off here, and you see the village, so it’s very obvious).

Where are your favorite photo spots?



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