10 Touristy Things to Do in London

Just as the title says! 10 touristy things to do in London!


Ride the London Eye

Yes. It’s expensive. But the views of the Thames and London are spectacular. The whole trip lasts about 20-30 minutes.


See the Queen Elizabeth Tower (a.k.a Big Ben)

While it’s officially the Elizabeth Tower, we still all pretty much call it Big Ben (the nickname of the bell inside). The first time I saw it, I was surprised at how impressive it actually was – pictures don’t really do its beauty justice.


See Parliament

Walk across the bridge for the best pictures…and once you’ve done that, you can cross the street for some food at one of the many restaurants along the river on The Queen’s Walk.


Visit Westminster Abbey

The architecture alone makes it one of my favorite sights in London.


Do the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Even non-Harry Potter fans would enjoy this! You have free reign of the studio once you enter, and there’s so much to look at, you can easily spend an entire day here marveling at the level of detail that went into building the sets, costumes, and props.


Take a Day Trip to Hever Castle

Not as well known as some of the more famous castles, but the grounds are beautiful and well worth the day trip to Kent!


Wander Camden Lock

A cool, hip area full of shopping stalls and a variety of street food. It seemed pretty popular with locals and tourists alike. Definitely worth going here for dinner, lunch, or simply to walk around! And there’s free WiFi! I am not totally ashamed to admit we did spend half an evening catching Pokemon. 


Walk across the Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of my favorite things to see and visit in London, and since my first trip in 2012, they really changed the area around it! Now, there’s a fountain kids can run around and play in on hot summer days, and if you walk down to the scoop, there’s pop-up bars where you can have lunch or a drink.


Spend a Day in Brighton

About an hour train ride from London, this is a great day trip! The pier and stone beach are usually crowded and full of people during the summer, and there’s plenty of places to eat.


Visit the British Museum

Usually when I travel, I like to be outside and walking around, but if I ever have the chance, I would love to go back to London and spend a day here. The museum not only has the Rosetta Stone, but the Egypt exhibit took us two hours to go through, and we could have spent even more time there if we hadn’t needed to catch the train to make it for our Harry Potter studio tour time.

Where are your favorite tourist spots in London?


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