First trip to Italy in 12 Photos

My first trip to Italy in 2015 was everything and more than I could have ever imagined. No words or pictures can describe how amazing and beautiful it is.

We skipped out on Rome, and headed straight to Sorrento before making the trip up north to Lake Como, and eventually ended in Milan.

Here is my first trip in 12 photos:

Amalfi Coast


Walking from Ravello to Amalfi was an adventure, but it was a tiring one. Still, the views made the steep, uneven stairs, worth it!



I’ve wanted to visit Pompeii for as long as I’ve wanted to visit Italy. Even at 5-years-old, I was fascinated by this ancient city frozen in time. 

Tip: The first Sunday of every month, the excavation sites are free. And going later in the day means you miss the crowds.

Mount Vesuvius


Similar to my fascination with Pompeii, the moment I found out you can take a trip up Mount Vesuvius, I jumped at the chance, and was not disappointed! The way up is an adventure in of itself, as you wind up in a giant off-road bus that tears around curves, uncaring of the bumps along the unpaved road and lack of barriers to keep you from rolling down the side of the volcano…

Once you get to the top you can peer into the crater, or take in the beautiful, sweeping views of Naples Bay.



Depending on who you are, you will either love or hate Naples. It’s an old industrial port city with a ton of character…I loved our day there, and wish we had more time to explore!



I am not exaggerating when I say accordions are everywhere in Sorrento. Even on the trains. The funniest part about this was seeing the same guys every day, several times a day, in different locations, playing the same 3 songs.



It goes without saying that we had wine with dinner every night. Most nights, we went with the house wine, which is usually local and reasonably priced. My favorite was the white wine from Lake Como! I loved it so much I brought home a bottle!



We had gelato every day. It comes in such an abundance of flavors, you won’t even be able to try them all! My favorite was some kind of cinnamon flavor from a shop in Varenna.



The Amalfi coast is famous for its limoncello. It’s everywhere in Sorrento and the little towns along the coast. The liquor is a digestive usually sipped after dinner, and it is delicious.

When picking out a bottle (or several) to bring home, make sure to check for the IGP, which guarantees that the lemons used are locally grown (for example, Limone di Sorrento IGP means the lemons were locally grown in Sorrento).

Also, most shop owners are more than happy to let you try their product! So don’t be afraid to ask!

Lake Como


Small towns line this beautiful lake in little pockets and they’re all equally quiet and quaint. It was the most relaxing part of our trip.

Duomo di Milano


The Duomo was the highlight of Milan. It’s old, giant, and gorgeous. Just beware of aggressive panhandlers throwing bird seed at your feet to attract pigeons or else waving bracelets and selfie sticks in your face.



We had no idea what this was when we first saw it but we knew we had to have it. Once we tried it in Como, it was just as much a part of our day as our morning espresso and afternoon gelato!


Photo taken by my friend

For a coffee addict, espresso is an obvious must while in Italy! The best thing was having a cafe latte or cappuccino in the morning then having an espresso mid-afternoon.

What are your favorite things about Italy? What do you want to see if you haven’t been yet?


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