Being a Tourist in NYC

For all the times I’ve been to New York City, I’ve never had the chance to be a real tourist since my first visit in 2006. I’m always in midtown, usually waiting in line for a concert or roaming around Times Square until we get in line for a concert.

As much as I love Times Square, I was tired of it being the only thing I saw whenever we were in New York. There’s so much more to the city than a few blocks of gaudy lights and massive crowds of tourists. I wanted out.

And this year, finally –finally– we did!


We started the day at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, a nice, non-profit secondhand bookstore that doubles as a cafe. The staff are all volunteers, and extremely friendly! Highly recommend going here for any book lover!



Seeing the One World Trade Center and the beautiful 9/11 memorial has been on my list since they opened. Since I was with two people who had been to the museum before, we decided to skip it, but it’s still on my list of places I need to go.



Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in the snow was a unique experience…I can only imagine what the view of Manhattan must look like on a clear day! Definitely plan on doing this a again (preferably when it’s warm).



Top of Rockafeller Center has the best views of Manhattan, in my opinion, and it’s only a little more expensive than the Empire State Building.


Central Park Zoo is small, but a good visit! Especially with this guy! He swam and hung around posing for cameras long after the trainers were gone.


Don’t ask me why but ever since I was a kid I had a slight obsession with the story about the sled dogs thanks to the movie “Balto” and have always wanted to find the statue.


And naturally, we went to a concert.

Even if it takes me another 5 years to get out of Times Square again, the memories I’ve made in New York means it will always be my favorite city in the world.

What kind of memories have you made in New York?


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